CAPF Topper's Interview Experience

Brochure: CQ Interview Guidance 

Swapnil Pawar
UPSC CAPF (Assistant Commandant) 2016, AIR 09

BE Mechanical, COEP Topper
Interview marks - 102/150
Chairman - Mr.  Arvind Saxena sir
Interview date - 10th January 2017 forenoon session
Timing - 10:40 A.M to 11:15 a.m.

I was second one in all Aspirant without blazer. I caught with severe cold. I came to know that I am second in line for interview. this  Itself increased my shivering more than normal. My talking  manner disturbed
with   shivering cold . i demanded a cup of tea to a peon saying that I would not be able to speak a single  word without a cup of tea. With the last sip of tea , a peon came to me to direct me towards interview room.

me:( pushing door with one hand)       may I come in sir?
Chairman: Yes come in.
Me: Good morning sir,( with loud and clear voice said 4 times with one second gap in between)
Chairman: Please sit down.
me: Thank you sir.
Chairman: So swapnil what do you know about IR?
Me: Sorry Sir I do not understand your question( short from IR confused me since I was expecting  a start from biodata)

Chairman: I mean to say India's relations with its neighbours and other countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal ,Bhutan ,Bangladesh.
me : Sir Sri Lanka is undergoing a transformation from presidential form of Government to prime ministerial form of government. We have some differences and conflicts such as 13th Amendment that is giving autonomy to Northern provinces Indian origin sri Lankan Tamils, fisherman's issue etc( I was blank after this before switching to Nepal).

FeedBack About Career Quest Interview Classes: 
(As Shared on Email and WhatsApp)

Before joining Career Quest I was skeptical to join it. Because I was feeling  following the flock of ship to one classroom in the  market of UPSC. I was further questioned by my conscience - इंटरव्यू के भी कोई क्लास होते हैं क्या ?
I was in fear to lose my original personality in the name of class with fabricated answers . But With each class proceedings i came to realised that I have chosen the right place where I can learn how to answer and why to answer specifically instead of what to answer. 

I believe that this is the right place one can  get your assessment in very precise Manner.
One will never get score below what sir  has allotted you in mock interview.  the precise assessment is very much necessary to improve your performance ... strengthening your strong areas and hiding your weak areas . many  interview coaching has   multi member interview panel.... which I thought weakness of career quest.... but one member panel in the career quest  is itself it's strength .

In total I appeared for two mocks . first mock was blunder .  sir  gave me 74 marks with some dose. this dose   became booster for me.  I still remembers sir's  critique of mine after 1st interview...... "क्यों दूसरे को मौका दे रहे हो तुम्हारी काबिलियत होने के बावजूद? " (Why you are giving  chance to other aspirants though you are much more competent than anyone else?)
these  words further boosted my confidence and keep me away from inferiority complex.

"The thirst and the Quest of my career is quenched by the precise assessment and motivation by sanjeev kabir sir". Thank you for being a part of my success.

सर आपसे मुझे जो मिला है उसकी कीमत मैं आपको चाहकर भी लौटा नहीं सकता . Yours obediently 
Swapnil Pawar, CAPF Rank 9

Chairman: What is Maritime Silk Road?
me: Maritime Silk Road is initiative taken by China so as to increase their Exports.
Chairman: Ok you mean to say that China is developing Maritime Silk Road for their economic development, then why we are concerned about that?
Me : sir with Maritime Silk Road China is constructing a strings of pearls ,  chain of ports surrounding india such as  hambantota in Sri Lanka, Gwadar in Pakistan . so it is directly affecting India's role in Indian ocean as Net security provider to small Nations. it affects  our external security also.

chairman: What is TPCT?( about my college name)
ME: sir TPCT  is Terna Public Charitable Trust which involved in various social and charitable activities. it also runs various schools colleges and hospitals.
Chairman: What is Terna?
me: Sir Terna  is longest river in my district.
Chairman :ok (passing the Baton towards another member)
Member : Why you want to join CRPF?
me: Sir it gives me opportunity to give exposure to my personality to various internal security challenges and law and order problems.

Member : Tell us something about history of CRPF?
Sir Central Reserve Police Force was established before independence as a crown representative police force in 1939 as viceroy's force in a desire to help princely states to calm down political unrest and to maintain law and order. Later on this force is recalibrated as Central Reserve Police Force in 1949 with the mandate of internal security.

Member : What are the specialised child agencies of CRPF?
me: sir there are two specialised child agencies of CRPF first one is rapid action force which was established in 1992 with the objective of controlling civil unrest, Rio control , crowd contol with  minimum response time.
Second one  cobra force commando battalion for resolute action is force established in 2008 with the mandate to fight against left wing extremism.

Member: Who are the social reformers of Maharashtra?
me: sir if I mention about social reformers   of maharashtra ....three names comes to my mind first mahatma Phule ,dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and  shahu maharaj.
Member: What is contribution of Jotiba Govind phule?
Sir mahatma phule has immense  contribution in the society. He worked for social upliftment of the marginalised people along with his wife Savitribai Phule,he established 1st  girls school in Pune.

Member: is there  Any organisation related to Mahatma Phule?
 Me:Yes sir, satyashodhak Samaj is the organisation related to Mahatma Phule, it was established in 1875 to find the truth of the society and to give justice to marginalised people.... It exist  now also.
member: What is contribution of Shahu Maharaj?
me: I was blank

Member: Does he worked in the same direction as like phule?
me: Yes sir Shahu maharaj   also worked for the social upliftment of the marginalised people . he is the first one to give reservation to socially backward classes in 1904.
member : After introduction of BT Cotton , is it that farmers suicide rate in Maharashtra increased?
me: Sir due to BT Cotton ,input cost has increased so there is less or zero profit margin for farmers because of which farmers suicide increased(interrupting)

member: But I have  heard that due to bT cotton, india became topmost cotton producer.
me: sir, there are other factor also due to which farmer suicide  has increased.
member: State two cases in which Central government has intervened in the states jurisdiction.
me: Sir few days before West Bengal chief minister blamed Central Government for deploying Central armed police forces in her state without  her consultation. 
And second case is misuse and abuse of article 356 president rule.

Member: Where it was misused?
me: Sir  it was misused in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
member: What do you know about federalism?
me: Sir India is Federal state with  strong centre. India is indestructible Union of destructible States.

member: What?( with  scaring laugh - amrish Puri style) what India is Indestructible Union of destructible  States,  how?
me:( though I was correct i was  lowest in my confidence at this juncture  due to scary laugh )i asked for time- sir may I take few seconds.
me:(after  4. 5 seconds) sir  India is not like United States of America where state boundaries are  rigid. But under article 3 of our Constitution we can alter the boundaries of states with passing parliament Act.
Member: Swapnil  compare in between between hockey, kabaddi and cricket?( my game - Kabaddi)
me: Hockey is our national game we won 8 gold medal in olympics.Kabaddi is our Desi game which becoming  popular  in recent days and cricket is most popular game of our country ( interrupting).

member: Which game  will you choose in between these three?
me: sir as per my interest I will choose Kabaddi.
member: Ok Swapnil you mean to say that in democracy there is right to choice.
Me: Yes sir,  right to choice must be there in democracy.
member: What you have learnt from Kabaddi?
me: Sir, physical fitness ,flexibility mental alertness, quick decision making,  team coordination sportsmanship are some of qualities which I learnt from Kabaddi.
member: Should NCC be made compulsory?
me: Sir   NCC is not a military program . it's a personality development and educational programme . instead of imposing any idea we should promote that idea to increase its acceptance. in fact NCC was compulsory in period between 1963 to 1967.

member: Ok Swapnil you mean to say that in democracy there is right to choice.
Me: Yes sir
Member: Should we bring self driving Cars to India? Many people who are engaged in this profession as taxi drivers would be  unemployed what is your opinion on this .?
me : Sir technology is good for the development of the nation .the people who will be unemployed can be employed in other sectors. the manufacturing of accessories of self driving Cars will generate further employment opportunities to absorb those who got unemployed by this invention . Google like companies has invested heavily in projects like project moonshot for self driving cars. ( it seems that  interview panel was not much convinced by my answer)

Member : what was this  National Integration meet?
me:  sir National integration meet
It was all India Inter School meet organised by novodaya Vidyalaya Samiti at new delhi under Ministry of HRD .one  cultural performance was invited from each state and I  represented my state  with cultural folk dance called 'Jogwa'.
member: What are the threats to the national integration?
me: Sir there are many threats to National Integration such as regionalism, casteism, linguism ,separatism.

 member:  How we can increase the national integration?
me: sir  Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar said that it is  the most  vital need of the time to  to arouse the feeling and sense of common nationality amongst the masses.   (Statement copied from delhi metro advertisement)we can Increase the feeling of national integrity with  seminars, conferences, spreading and publishing literature on it .we can also implement schemes  such like in navodaya Vidyalaya's Inter School  interstate migration scheme to know each other's culture.
 chairman: Ok thank you  swapnil 

( at the time  of exit from interview room I was pulling door . the voice from Panel member suggested me to push  door  outside  i humbly thanked  them without   turning  back for their suggestion.) After interview i felt i could have answered better than this .......but that moment matters.

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Hi I'm Dr Nidhi and I got selected in UPSC medical officer exam.. This was made possible only because of the guidance of Sanjeev sir... Attending the classes and giving mock interviews with sir was a great boost in my confidence ... In an interview the things u do are as important as things u don't do and nobody can teach them better than sir... Over the course of few days you will realise the tiny mistakes u have been making so far which didn't even seem important...I didn't even think that in just a week I can make such drastic improvement. Joining career quest was the best decision and I'll recommend it to everyone going for any sort of interview... Thank you again sir.. It was made possible because of you.
Hi I am Amol Patil, CAPF 2018 AIR 39. I have been allotted 102 marks out of 150 by the UPSC board. I took guidance for the interview preparation only from Kabeer Sir in Career Quest. Career Quest was suggested to my by friend who is already an Assistant Commandant.
I think interview preparation is very wide and subjective. It depends on individual and the preparation varies according to the person. But Kabeer Sir has mastered the art of coaching when it comes to interview preparation and he has strategy to make guidance according to the need of each and every Candidate. His vast experience helps him to share important points during the classes which helped me alot.
Just after interview I made call to Kabeer Sir and gave him overview of my interview. At that time he predicted my interview score, to my surprise is was 100% correct.
For each and every personality test related guidance Kabeer Sir's Career Quest will remain my first and foremost suggestion to everyone. Thank you Career Quest Team.
Neetu Bhatia
My name is Neetu Bhatia,i joined career quest for kvs prt interview preparation.As i scored less in the written paper,my chances of clearing this exam were quite dim but when i met Sanjeev kabeer sir my dream of clearing this prestigious exam turned into reality.He is a wonderful person who knows how to realise your best potential ,always motivates you,someone who is always there to clear your doubts and confusions regarding interview .I remember how everytime he encouraged me when i was negative about clearing this exam and how well he conducted mock interviews and kept polishing my skills and made me use them during the actual interview.
Right from choosing the perfect attire for the interview to body language to how to respond and not just reply(as he says in his classes)kabeer sir is one person whom you can count on for any interview preparation and the best part is he never takes credit for his efforts,is a humble soul and a gem of a person.
Thank you so much kabeer sir,thank you so much career quest .The whole credit of my success goes to you sir,thank you once again for helping me to get 52/60 in Interview .