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KV Teacher Interview Coaching

Kendriya Vidyalay Teacher Recruitment Result is about to come.
Interviews will be conducted by KVs.

Here we are sharing some previous year questions which asked in KV interviews.

Most Expected Questions in KVs:

1. Tell me something about yourself
2. Why you want to become teacher?
3. Why you want to join KV?
4. Are you ready to work in any state?
5. How you will take care of the student who has come from abroad?
6. How you can manage a lazy student?
7. What are the qualities of good teacher?
8. What is pedagogy?
9. Which was your favourite subject during your graduation and PG?
10. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
11. How this job will help you?
12. What you are doing since your graduation/PG?
13. Why your academics are not so good?
14. Why don't you think about lecturer-ship?
15. Do you read newspapers? What you read?
16. What you know about Kendriya Vidyalaya?
17. How you spend your spare time? What are your hobbies?
18. How you will maintain discipline in your class?
19. Do you have knowledge about computers?
20. How you can use computer for your class?

These questions are shared by Career Quest students who successfully faced interview in KVs and are working as a teacher. Answers for these and more possible questions will be discussed in classroom. CQ Phone no. 09990840999, 09811299811.

One of such student named Mrs. Meenakshi scored 56 marks out of 60 in her interview in KV. Ms Shweta also scored decently in her KV interview and got selected.

Feedback of Mrs. Meenakshi: 
" My interview training at Career Quest, Delhi proved very crucial in my selection in KV. Because of various classes by Kabeer sir, I was very confident and polite during actual interview. Mock interview sessions and feedback at CQ is great. I think most important benefit of Career Quest is this institute is dedicated for interview training. I can suggest this institute for your preparation. All the very best!"

Career Quest is most trusted and dedicated institute for interview training since year 2008 in Delhi under the guidance of Mr Sanjeev Kabeer.

Admissions are open for Kendriya Vidyalaya KV teacher interview coaching program at Career Quest, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.
About IAS Interview coaching at Career Quest

Career quest has helped me in the most crucial phase of my journey to success-the interview. I joined CQ after Civil Services Main Exam-2016.

The detailed orientation regarding the different aspects of interview-posture, timing, structuring the answer, accepting your ignorance with grace etc. gave me an in-depth idea regarding interview preparation.

Though many people tell that interview is all about luck, I feel there is a lot to be prepared for interview. Unlike written exams, the interview is a personality test rather than knowledge test. So, it involves questions that you may not be able to answer.

Here, Sanjeev Kabeer sir’s analogy of interview to a cricket match is praiseworthy. There will be some balls in which u have to just defend the wicket, some in which you can hit a six and even others which you can get a run or two. It is all about understanding the nature of the question and answering accordingly.

Kabeer Sir’s vast experience in interview guidance is worth noting because all other coaching centres just let u take a mock, while sir takes into consideration each and every aspect of the interview. He helps us to prepare for questions from our hobbies to home state to cadre preference in a comprehensive manner.

This helped me to refine my answers in the final interview.
Thank you sir. I wish success to all aspirants and am sure that CQ will help them just the way it did for me.

Ann Mary George, IFS (Indian Foreign Service)
Kerala, (AIR-123, CSE-2016)