ESIC UPSC Interview Questions

Interview Questions for ESIC Deputy Director Interview by UPSC

(Source: Career Quest Institute For Interview Training, Delhi by Sanjeev Kabeer)

1. Introduce/ Describe yourself?

2. What are you doing now after completing your education?

3. Why ESIC?

4. What are your hobbies and interests?

5. How is your job experience so far?

6. About your Educational background? Why this graduation (Engineering etc.)?

7. About your previous achievements (extra curricular activities)?

8. What do you know about Job Profile of ESIC Dy Director?

9. Why should we select you?

10. Tell me about ESIC? Their role in social security? 

11. What are the problems related to social security in India? Solutions?

12. What are the new schemes launched for social security?

13. What will be your contribution in ESIC?

14. Why not private job?

15. Constitutional provisions for social security?

16. What qualities should Deputy Director must have?

17. Are you aware about recent initiatives of ESIC?

18. What are the issues related to labour in India?

19. Will you join IAS or IPS in future if get chance?

20. Who is your ideal or a person who inspired you most?

21. How will your professional degree (Engg. or any other) helpful in ESIC?

22. Your strong and weak points?

23. Newspapers and magazine which you prefer to read?

24.  What question we should ask you?

25.  Tell me about your home town.

26. Role of a Labour ministry?

27. How to solve unemployment problem in India?

28. What are the problems of unorganised sector labours?


29. Why govt should provide health facility?


30. Why you want to leave your current job?


31. How you will use your experience in ESIC?


32. What problems we are facing in health sector in India?


33. What is insurance? What is assurance?


34. Why new labour codes are made by govt?


35. What will be your contribution to ESIC if get selected?


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