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* Lecture 1: How to prepare for success in LIC AAO Personality Test

* Lecture 2: Key to success! Body Language, presentation

* Lecture 3 & 4: Biodata Analysis, Discussion, Answers with personal discussion & queries

* Lecture 5 & 6: Current Topics Discussion (Insurance, finance, economy related)

Lecture 7 & 8: LIC related lectures by expert (Policies, principles, work profile etc.)


Student Feedback written on Google

Pooja Indoria
First of all I would like to thank Sanjeev sir for his guidance and support that helped me a lot in facing my niacl ao interview which I cracked in my very first attempt. Now I have been selected as an so in niacl. Sanjeev Sir was very supportive and understanding when I approached him. His way of teaching is very unique. He makes the student realise his or her strengths and weaknesses and then make them work upon it. I am really thank full to sir that I could face my interview without any hesitation. Thank you sir.

Kamakhya Singh
I got 72/100 in IBPS po interview 2018 and got selected as an niacl AO 2019 in my very first attempt at banking/insurance exams. Kabeer sir  pointed out those personality traits of mine I was not even aware of; he guided me how I should restrict some of the unwanted personality traits and how I should highlight others. I owe my selection to you sir, because even though I wasn't satisfied with my attempts in the written exam, I came out with flying colours only because of the interview. Thank you so much.

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* Lecture duration approx 2 hrs daily. NO RECORDING ALLOWED during lecture
* Limited seats per batch (So not able to offer discount in fees)
* Rights to give admission are reserved. Photo/ID is must for the admission
* Full Fee is payable through online/cash mode in advance prior to class
* Fee not refundable/transferable/adjustable under any circumstances
* General office time is 10am to 6pm with weekly off on Sunday

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" Interview training at Career Quest is really good. I was not confident before joining the institute. But after joining the coaching I gained confidence and faced the interview successfully." - Renu, AAO, LIC. Sonipat, Haryana.

" I took the right decision to join Career Quest for my LIC interview. I  came to know how to answer effectively and how to face the interview with positive approach. I learned a lot here from the institute. Career Quest is the best option for interview preparation." - Ashuli Maikho, AAO, LIC. Manipur. 


Terms commonly associated with Insurance by Career Quest Institute for Interview Training, Delhi Ph.09811299811, 09990840999.

An event or occurrence causing damage/injury to an entity, and is unforeseen and unintended.
Accident Benefit 
Provides for payment of an additional benefit equal to the sum sum assured in instalments on permanent total disability and waiver of subsequent premiums payable under the policy.
Age Limits
Stipulated minimum and maximum ages below and above which the company will not accept applications or may not renew policies.
An insurance company representative licensed by the state who solicits, negotiates or effects contracts of insurance, and provides service to the policyholder for the insurer.
Annuity Plans 
These plans provide for a "pension" ( or a mix of a lumpsum amount and a pension ) to be paid to the policy holder or his spouse. In the event of death of both of them during the policy period, a lumpsum amount is provided for the next of kin.
Application Form 
Supplied by the insurance company, usually filled in by the agent and medical examiner (if applicable) on the basis of information received from the applicant. It is signed by the applicant and is part of the insurance policy if it is issued.
Assignment means legal transference. A method by which the policy holder can person on his interest to another person. An assignment can be made by an endorsement on the policy document or as a seperate deed. Assignment can be of two types 1. Conditional 2.absolute
The person(s) or entity(ies) (e.g. corporation, trust, etc.) named in the policy as the recipient of insurance proceeds upon the death of the insured.
Business Insurance 
A policy which primarily provides coverage of benefits to a business as contrasted to an individual. It is issued to indemnify a business for the loss of services of a key employee or a partner who becomes disabled.
A contract of health insurance that may be cancelled during the policy term by the insurer or insured.
1) A provision under which an insured who carries less than the stipulated percentage of insurance to value, will receive a loss payment that is limited to the same ratio which the amount of insurance bears to the amount required;
2) a policy provision frequently found in medical insurance, by which the insured person and the insurer share the covered losses under a policy in a specified ratio, i.e., 80 per cent by the insurer and 20 per cent by the insured.
Convertible Whole Life Policy
A mix of "whole life policy" and "endowment policy", it provides for very low insurance premiums with maximum risk cover while the life assured is just beginning his working career, and the possibiliy of converting the policy to an "endowment" policy after five years of commencement.
The scope of protection provided under a contract of insurance; any of several risks covered by a policy.
Days Of Grace 
Policy holders are expected to apy premium on due dates. a period is 15-30 days is allowed as grace to make payment of premium; such period is days of grace.
Deferment Period 
Period between the date of subscription to an insurance-cum-pension policy and the time at which the first instalment of pension is received. Such policies generally prescribe a minimum and maximum limit on the deferment period.
A decrease in the value of property over a period of time due to wear and tear or obsolescence. Depreciation is used to determine the actual cash value of property at time of loss.
Double/Triple Cover Plans 
These offer to the beneficiaries double/triple the sum assured on death of life assured during the term of the policy. On survival to the date of maturity, the basic sum assured is paid to the assured. These are low-premium plans, most useful for situations such as housing.

Fraudulent use or taking of another's property or money which has been entrusted to one's care.
Endowment Policy
The assured has to pay an annual premium which is determined on the basis of the assured's age at entry and the term of the policy. The insured amount is payable either at the end of specified number of years or upon the death of the insured person, whichever is earlier.
Excess And Surplus Insurance 
1) Insurance to cover losses above a certain amount, with losses below that amount usually covered by a regular policy.
(2) Insurance to cover an unusual or one-time risk, e.g., damage to a musician's hands or the multiple perils of a convention, for which coverage is unavailable in the normal market.
Specific conditions or circumstances for which the policy will not provide benefits.

Facultative Reinsurance 
A type of reinsurance in which the reinsurer can accept or reject any risk presented by an insurance company seeking reinsurance.
Family Insurance.
A life insurance policy providing insurance on all or several family members in one contract, generally whole life insurance on the principal breadwinner and small amounts of term insurance on the other spouse and children, including those born after the policy is issued
A person who holds something in trust for another.
Fire Insurance 
Coverage for losses caused by fire and lightning, plus resultant damage caused by smoke and water. Flood insurance Coverage against loss resulting from the flood peril, available at low cost under a programme developed by the Central government.
Franchise Insurance
A form of insurance in which individual policies are issued to the employees of a common employer or the members of an association under an arrangement by which the employer or association agrees to collect the premium and remit them to the insurer.
Guaranteed Insurance Sum (GIS)
A lump sum purchase price is given to purchase future pensions under the Jeevan Akshay Plan of Life Insurance Corporation of India. This amount is referred to as GIS. The monthly pension that is payable one month after payment of first premium is calculated on the basis of the age at entry.
Gross Insurance Value Element (GIVE) 
The amount payable on the deferred date under Jeevan Dhara Life of Life Insurance Corporation of India. An annutiy of 1% of the GIVE is payable per month after the deferment period. And the entire GIVE is payable on death after deferment period.
Group Life Insurance
Life insurance usually without medical examination, on a group of people under a master policy. It is typically issued to an employer for the benefit of employees, or to members of an association, for example a professional membership group. The individual members of the group hold certificates as evidence of their insurance
Guaranteed Policies
These are policies where the payment stays fixed.
Legal principle that specifies an insured should not collect more than the actual cash value of a loss but should be restored to approximately the same financial position as existed before the loss.
Insurable Interest 
A condition in which the person applying for insurance and the person who is to receive the policy benefit will suffer an emotional or financial loss, if any untouched event occurs. Without insurable interest, an insurance contract is invalid.

All conditions pertaining to individuals that affect their health, susceptibility to injury and life expectancy; an individual's risk profile.
Social device for minimizing risk of uncertainty regarding loss by spreading the risk over a large enough number of similar exposures to predict the individual chance of loss.
The person whose life is covered by a policy of insurance.

Joint Life Endowment Assurance Plans 
The sum assured ( plus any accrued bonuses) under this type of policy is payable on the end of the endowment term or on the first death of the two lives assured, whichever is earlier. Typically (though not a necessity) taken out by a couple, a variation is available for couples only. In this case, the sum assured will be payable on first death and then again on the second death (along with all vested bonuses) if both deaths occur during the term of the policy. If one or both lives survive to the maturity date, the sum assured along with all vested bonuses will be payable on maturity date. Premiums during this plan cease on the first death or the expiry of the selected term, whichever is earlier. Another variation provides for annuity to both/surviving spouse, or a lumpsum amount to the legal heirs.

Keyman Insurance Policy
A life insurance policy taken by a person on the life of another person who is or was his employee/connected to his business in any manner whatsoever.
Lapsed Policy 
A policy which has terminated and is no longer in force due to non-payment of the premium due
Limited Payment Life Policy
Premiums need to be paid only for a certain number of years or until death if it occurs within this period. Proceeds of the policy are granted to the beneficiaries whenever death of the policy holder occurs. Again, this policy can also be of the "with profits " or "without profits" type.
Loyalty Additions
The loyalty addition is given upon the maturity of the policy, and not before. It's a small percentage of the sum assured. Broadly speaking, loyalty addition is the difference between the performance, of the insurance company and the guaranteed additions. It is LICs effort to further share its surplus after valuation with the policy holders, as LIC is a non-profit organization.
Life Assured 
The person whose life is insured by an individual life policy is called life assured.

LIC Interview coaching

Quality coaching available at Career Quest Institute for Interview Training, Delhi Ph.09811299811, 09990840999.
The date upon which the face amount of a life insurance policy , if not previously invoked due to the contingency covered (death), is paid to the policyholder.
Maturity Claim 
The Payment to the policy holder at the end of the stipulated term of the policy is called maturity claim.
Act of making, issuing, circulating or causing to be issued or circulated an estimate, an illustration, a circular or a statement of any kind that does not represent the correct policy terms, dividends or share of surplus or the name or title for any policy or class of policies that does not in fact reflect its true nature.
Money Back Policy 
Unlike endowment plans, in money back policies, the policy holder gets periodic "survivance payments" during the term of the policy and a lumpsum amount on surviving its term. In the event of death during the term of the policy, the beneficiary gets the full sum assured, without any deductions for the amounts paid till date, and no further premiums are required to be paid.These type of policies are very popular, since they can be tailored to get large amounts at specific periods as per the needs of the policy holder.
Moral Hazard 
Risk depends on the need for insurance, state of health, personal habits standard of living and income of insured peson. Moral hazard is the risk factors that affects the decesion of the insurance company to accept the risk.
An act by which the policy holders authorises another person to receive the policy moneys. The person so authorised is called Nominee.

Non-cancelable policies
Such policies stay in effect regardless of whatever that might happen and as long as the premium is paid from time to time

The payment, or one of the regular periodic payments, that a policy holder makes to an insurer in exchange for the insurer's obligation to pay benefits upon the occurrence of the contractually-specified contingency (e.g., death).
Premium Back Term Insurance Plans 
These provide for refund of all the premiums paid, in the event of th life assured surviving to the end of the policy term. The total sum assured is paid to the beneficiaries in the event death occurs during the policy term.

The restoration of a lapsed policy to in-force status. Reinstatement can only occur after the expiration of the grace period. The company may require evidence of insurability (and, if health status has changed, deny reinstatement), and will always require payment of the total amount of past due premium.
The obligation assumed by the insurer when it issues a policy. The spreading of risk across a broad base of the population, adjusted for statistical probability, and the protection against catastrophic loss, is the entire purpose of insurance. For risk assumption purposes, death is viewed as a contingency. That is, although death is certain, its timing is unknown. The process of evaluating and selecting risk is known as underwriting.
Salary Saving Scheme 
This scheme provides for payment of premiums by money deduction from the salary of the employees by one employer.
Sub Standard Risk 
Person who is considered an under-average or impaired insurance risk because of physical condition, family or personal history of disease, occupation, residence in unhealthy climate or dangerous habits.
Surrender Value 
The value payable to the policy holder in the event of his deciding to terminate the policy before the maturity of the policy.
Survival Benefit 
The payment of sum assured to the incured person which has become due by instalments under a money back policy.
Vesting Age 
The age at which the receipt of pension starts in an insurance-cum-pension plan.
Whole Life Policy 
Premiums are paid throughout the life time of life assured . This can be with profits or without profits ( A "with profit" policy is eligible for various bonuses declared by LIC every year, while a "without profits" policy does not have this privilege )
With-Profit policy 
Policies entitled to bonus, which is paid at the time of claim-death or maturity one with-profit policies.
Without-Profit policy 
These policies are not entitled to particiapte in bonuses.

LIC Interview coaching
Quality coaching available at Career Quest Institute for Interview Training, Delhi Ph.09811299811, 09990840999.

Latest Google Reviews

Hi I'm Dr Nidhi and I got selected in UPSC medical officer exam.. This was made possible only because of the guidance of Sanjeev sir... Attending the classes and giving mock interviews with sir was a great boost in my confidence ... In an interview the things u do are as important as things u don't do and nobody can teach them better than sir... Over the course of few days you will realise the tiny mistakes u have been making so far which didn't even seem important...I didn't even think that in just a week I can make such drastic improvement. Joining career quest was the best decision and I'll recommend it to everyone going for any sort of interview... Thank you again sir.. It was made possible because of you.
Hi I am Amol Patil, CAPF 2018 AIR 39. I have been allotted 102 marks out of 150 by the UPSC board. I took guidance for the interview preparation only from Kabeer Sir in Career Quest. Career Quest was suggested to my by friend who is already an Assistant Commandant.
I think interview preparation is very wide and subjective. It depends on individual and the preparation varies according to the person. But Kabeer Sir has mastered the art of coaching when it comes to interview preparation and he has strategy to make guidance according to the need of each and every Candidate. His vast experience helps him to share important points during the classes which helped me alot.
Just after interview I made call to Kabeer Sir and gave him overview of my interview. At that time he predicted my interview score, to my surprise is was 100% correct.
For each and every personality test related guidance Kabeer Sir's Career Quest will remain my first and foremost suggestion to everyone. Thank you Career Quest Team.
Neetu Bhatia
My name is Neetu Bhatia,i joined career quest for kvs prt interview preparation.As i scored less in the written paper,my chances of clearing this exam were quite dim but when i met Sanjeev kabeer sir my dream of clearing this prestigious exam turned into reality.He is a wonderful person who knows how to realise your best potential ,always motivates you,someone who is always there to clear your doubts and confusions regarding interview .I remember how everytime he encouraged me when i was negative about clearing this exam and how well he conducted mock interviews and kept polishing my skills and made me use them during the actual interview.
Right from choosing the perfect attire for the interview to body language to how to respond and not just reply(as he says in his classes)kabeer sir is one person whom you can count on for any interview preparation and the best part is he never takes credit for his efforts,is a humble soul and a gem of a person.
Thank you so much kabeer sir,thank you so much career quest .The whole credit of my success goes to you sir,thank you once again for helping me to get 52/60 in Interview .