SBI PO Interview : Top 50 GD Topics

SBI PO GD Topics

SBI PO Group Discussion: Top 50 Topics
(Also useful for MBA, BoB, ICICI, SSB and other GD exams)

Dear aspirants, Our think tank at Career Quest, Delhi has shortlisted top 50 GD topics for your preparation. We hope it will help you. All the best! 

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1. RBI Autonomy: Status and importance
2. Renewable Energy: Future of India
3. Rising NPA: Reasons and solutions
4. Development of Agriculture: Role of banks
5. Privatization and Disinvestment in India
6. Need of strong RTI
7. Automation, AI and Impact of Technology on Jobs in India
8. Globalization liberalisation: An Opportunity or a Threat?
9. Future of Crypto Currency
10. The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2017

11. Ease of doing business in India: Boosting Entrepreneurship
12. Amalgamation and Merger of Banks: An Opportunity or a Threat?
13. Bank Recapitalization: Solution or problem
14. Demonetisation: Impact on economy
15. Indian Economic Slowdown: Govt's response to solve it
16. GST: A game changer?
17. Farmers’ suicides: Causes and remedies 
18. Trade war between USA - China: An opportunity for India?
19. Unemployment problem: Problem for demographic dividend?
20. Yellow journalism and media ethics

21. Social media: Need of regulation?
22. Fake News: Strategy to control it
23. Right to Privacy: Issues and way ahead
24. Natural disasters in India: A big economic hurdle
25. Automobile sector in India: Are we ready for Electric Vehicles?
26. Ayushman Bharat: Dream or reality?
27. CSR: Compulsory or voluntary?
28. Art. 370 abrogation: A road map for development?
29. Simultaneous Elections: Problems and possibilities
30. Aadhaar and data privacy issue

31. NRC: Do we need it?
32. Triple Talaq: Law should be an instrument of Social Change?
33. A uniform civil code: Need and possibilities
34. ISRO: A next NASA?
35. Indian sport personalities: Emergence of woman players
36. Need of reforms in Defence forces
37. Pollution problem: Complete ban on plastic?
38. India's new foreign policy
39. Nuclear weapon: Threat for human kind
40. Corruption is universal but possible to remove it

41. Populist decisions of govt: Beneficial for people?

42. Are political parties responsible: Karnataka govt formation issue
43. Demand for democracy: Protest in Hongkong
44. Technology will solve many problems: 5G
45. Internal security: Must for economic development
46. India need road safety
47. Mobile games: Addiction or a new entertainer? (PubG)
48. Online entertainment: End of TV era?
49. Water management: Need of India to manage flood and draught
50. Unschooling: A new of education or fad?


Career Quest is conducting classroom course for SBI PO GD/PI. Call 9990840999 or 9811299811 for details. 

You may send WhatsApp queries to 9990840999. Visit for more details.

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